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Final Drive for Shorty Nominations


So, it’s come down this. Today is the final day of voting for nominations for the Shorty Awards — the Oscars of the Twitterverse.

As of 12:14 p.m. EST, here are the top 10 tweeps battling out in the awards’ food category:

  1. Rick Bayless (942 votes)
  2. Tyler Florence (690 votes)
  3. Florentina (518 votes)
  4. Foodimentary (386 votes)
  5. NoReservations (220 votes)
  6. Amy Cao (177 votes)
  7. GunsandTacos (160 votes)
  8. Chef John (130 votes)
  9. Rebecca Varidel (118 votes)
  10. David Archuleta (92 votes)

At the close of today’s voting, the top five will be the official nominees, moving to the final judgment round.

Vote your conscience on this important matter.

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